Ben Saypol applaudes the audience after a performance. (Photo by Ryan Jones)

Ben Saypol is the Director of Theater Delta, a successful Interactive Theater ensemble based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina that promotes social change in communities nationally and internationally. For for more information on Theater Delta, please go to: http://www.theaterdelta.com 

Ben has been working in interactive and community based theater for ten years and is a leader in the field. Before focusing exclusively on Theater Delta, he spent three years establishing and sustaining Interactive Theatre Carolina at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, completed a one-year Visiting Assistant Professor position at Loyola University New Orleans establishing the Loyola Interactive Theater Ensemble, and was the Assistant Director of the Interactive Theatre Project at the University of Colorado at Boulder for two years. Ben is a past Chair of the Interactive Theatre Subcommittee for the Association for Theatre in Higher Education, and he is also the Educational Advisor for Theater-Based Interventions for the Drossman Center for the Education and Practice of Biopsychosocial Medical Care.

Ben has studied Interactive Theater, Theatre of the Oppressed, and other community based Interactive Theater techniques with Augusto Boal, Julian Boal, Michael Rohd, Marc Weinblatt, Jeffrey Steiger, and others. He has PhD in Theatre from CU Boulder, and his dissertation was entitled “Effective Practices for Establishing an Interactive Theater Program in a University Community.” He holds a B.A. in American Culture with a Certificate in Musical Theatre from Northwestern University and a Masters of Music, Vocal Performance from the CU Boulder. He has also worked as a professional actor for five years.